Orientation and mobility1 The loss of vision, partial or complete, always leads to the limitation of independent movements of the individual in the environment. This limitation increases in direct proportion to the degree of impairment of vision, which leads to prolonged depressive states and immobilization, often resulting in lasting psycho-physical and social trauma to the personality. That is why the process of re-education of people with visual impairments in the field of mobility is aimed at restoring their ability to navigate and move through the environment. Its solution also determines the process of re-socialization of the personality, ie, to define the place in society as the situation arises.

Mobility training sets out the following specific tasks:
1. Build positive motivation for self-orientation and travel.
2. Development and practical use of compensational analytical systems in the process of spatial orientation and movement.
3. Undertaking modern techniques for self-orientation and movement in the small and large space.
4. Acquiring skills to use modern technical and electronic means of spatial orientation.
5. Mastering routes.
Mobility training is for visually impaired people who are in need of self-propulsion but cannot fully navigate and move using their vision with or without the aid of optical means.

Orientation and mobility2

Mobility training is based on an individualized approach that takes into account the learner's practical experience, rehabilitation potential and, above all, his / her specific, real problems and needs in the field of spatial orientation and mobility.
Mobile skills are formed in other rehabilitation subjects, especially in physical training.
Although the training is individual, the program also includes so-called group mobility. Topics for group discussions and seminars are offered - both learners in guidance and mobility and non-training learners can participate. The group mobility seminars are held one hour per week, and the classes for the group training classes are determined by the teacher according to the tasks assigned.