Braille literacy1

It restores the abilities for reading and writing in a tactile way, thus overcoming the information deficit.

The braille system gives unlimited possibilities for the blind people to read and write text-based information on their own. The braille alphabet is a relief-point system that allows the blind to read and write in full. Writing uses special technical means, and fingerprinting is used for reading. In Braille the blind can write letters, numbers, punctuation and mathematical signs, also notes and all other signs. Braille is widely used among the blind, it can be used for reading books, documents, or recipes. It can also be used to label food, clothing, video tapes, folders, and so on. Braille literacy2Braille can be used for keeping notes or for writing telephone numbers and addresses. Braille's main purpose is for blind people to master the Braille aplhabet and to acquire knowledge and skills for reading and writing independently. The training is conducted with small groups or individually according to the nature of the trainees' traineeships and abilities. The duration of the training is determined by the personal pace of each learner. Braille literacy training includes:

  • Testing of tactility;
  • Preparatory exercises for tactile sensitivity training; Understanding the embossed-point system;
  • Writing with a slit and a plate;
  • Writing a Braille typewriter;
  • Read one-sided and double-sided printing;
  • Learn Braille display