The specific purpose of the project was to develop (conceptual) and elaborate (material part) a textbook on Massage in two different formats, assisting and carrying out the vocational training of the visually impaired persons in the NRCB, as well as supplementing and refreshing the available knowledge of already trained masseurs. The textbook makes it easier for both the learners themselves to adapt their training and the professionals doing it, which would lead to increased educational, labor and social integration of the visually impaired. The main objective of the project was to support the raising of the educational and qualification level of people with disabilities, which creates prerequisites for overcoming the social and labor isolation, raising their public significance and their personal self-esteem.


Activity 1: Developing and adapting a textbook on Massage for the purpose of Vocational Training for Visually Impaired Masseurs, implemented in the NRCB.

Activity 2: Review of the developed textbook on Massage

Activity 3: Develop a textbook correction for massage

Activity 4: Braille correction of Massage textbook

Activity 5: Publishing a textbook on Massage in braille format in print 50, binding and shaping of the book bodies.

Activity 6: Processing and preparing to print an enlarged textbook of the Body Textbook

Activity 7: Publishing a textbook of Massage in enlarged print in 150 copies, binding and shaping of the book bodies.


Through the project-provided textbooks for vocational training, counseling and refreshing of knowledge, the target group was actually involved in the training process and a certain personal realization in the future for each individual who had completed the vocational training course. The focus of the project not only on visually impaired people but also on their environment in the face of their teachers has created more added value for their joint work, increased their motivation to make more efforts to find the necessary realization and borrowing a dignified place in life and society.