• Participation in national appearances of NRC users in order to promote their achievements and opportunities for professional realization and social integration and their active position in the public life of the country
  • Minimizing negative and inadequate attitudes towards people with reduced working capacity
  • Overcoming the negative attitude of employers, mistrust and disregard for people with disabilities, by demonstrating their real skills and opportunities for full-time work and self-employment of their own earnings
  • Overcome isolation and promote the visually impaired people as active citizens of society.

Specific objectives:

  • Promoting visually impaired people's activities and attracting future users as well as manufacturers of technological equipment.
  • Creating material conditions and methodological and organizational support for inclusion of enterprises and organizations of people with disabilities in public forums
  • Promoting the achievements of the NRC users, absorbing new approaches in the organization's activities


  • Exhibition of objects made by students at the NRCB at a stand in Pavilion N 6 of the Fairground
  • Dissemination of advertising materials and information on the activities and services provided by the NRCB as well as on the current projects on which the organization operates
  • Participation in the conference "Round tables on the problems of people with disabilities"
  • Exchange of information on the introduction of new, modern technologies to assist and relieve the work of visually impaired people.