Objectives: General objective: To increase the opportunities for social inclusion of people with visual disabilities and to overcome their social exclusion by building and strengthening a new model of community relations within the established VIP Center.

Specific objectives: Creating prerequisites for building relationships with and among visually impaired people; Creating prerequisites for more active behavior and realization of the real labor market; Creating prerequisites for changing the attitude of the public on the possibilities of people with visual impairments; Raising public awareness of the prevention of socially significant diseases leading to loss of vision; Establish models of cooperation with institutions to integrate people with visual impairments.


Activity 1.1. Establishment of a network for mutual assistance, information and consultation - on-line Forum "Ask the Specialist" In the project "Ask the Specialist", the project will be used by both participants and will receive competent advice in solving certain problems. The network is targeted at a wide range of actors - both disabled people and their environment - institutions, social services, resource centers, labor offices, employers, specialists working with people with disabilities, families. The network will start with a number of thematic groups for which preliminary themes will be developed and will be placed as a free-access library resource for all persons registered in the network. If the library resource can not find an answer to the exciting question, the participant may ask the expert responsible for the designated thematic group.

Activity 1.2. Conduct a "Keep Your Vision" Information Campaign The activity will be related to the publication and dissemination of leaflets for diseases leading to reduced vision and loss of vision. Issues related to the prevention, diagnosis, lifestyle of these diseases will be addressed. 10 brochures for specific eye diseases will be issued to be distributed to social services; medical centers; specialized schools; resource centers; libraries in Plovdiv and Sofia, Day Care Centers, as well as being distributed to the general public by volunteers during the project's information events.

Activity 2.1. Support integrated education for children with impaired vision. Information campaign "Children with impaired vision - how to communicate with them". This will be aimed at creating co-operation between VIP Center, Resource Centers, Integrated schools and integrated children's families. In the integrated schools in Plovdiv and Sofia an information campaign will be held under the title: "Children with impaired vision - how to communicate with them". Workshops with resource teachers and families of integrated visually impaired children will be held to address issues related to learning.

Activity 2.2. Supporting the integration of visually impaired adults models of cooperation with labor offices and employers and social services in Plovdiv and Sofia will be developed.

Activity 3.1. Work for the professional realization of visually impaired people The activity will be carried out by labor mediators and psychologists on the territory of Sofia and Plovdiv, but candidates for work from all over the country will be able to be consulted and remotely on various problems on the labor market.

Activity 3.2. Trainings aimed at enhancing the personal potential of VIP Center users.

  1. Vocational guidance training in Plovdiv
  2. Training on acquiring skills for applying for employment on the free labor market held in Sofia and Plovdiv.
  3. Parenting trainings held in Sofia and Plovdiv.
  4. Consultations on the independence of visually impaired users - guidance and mobility; useful / everyday / skills; computer literacy; visual aid. They are held in Plovdiv
  5. Physical training and yoga therapy in Plovdiv
  6. Foreign Language Teaching in Plovdiv and Sofia.

Activity 3.3. Occupational therapy and rhythm therapy Within the framework of the project, the work therapy will be organized by training in pottery and making ceramic objects for decoration. Six group sessions on rhythm therapy will be organized - 3 in Plovdiv and Sofia

Activity 4.1 - Seminars, conferences, information campaigns, etc. - National Scientific and Practical Conference "Social Aspects of Impaired Vision" with lecturers from the Department of Psychophysiological Correction of Vision at the All-Russian Center for Ocular Surgery "Aloplant" with Dr. Ernst Muldashev, where many visually impaired Bulgarians are treating their eyesight, as well as the Department of Special Pedagogy at Sofia University "Kliment Ohridski". - Concluding Round Table for Results Reporting with a Press Conference and Exhibition of Ceramic Products.