As of 1 January 2013, the NRCB launched a new project funded under the Operational Program "Human Resources Development" - "SUPPORT" program with a contracting authority - the Agency for Social Assistance to the MLSP. The project is called "Center for Assistance, Integration and Support - VIP Center - Plovdiv", as part of the activities will be carried out in Sofia.

All activities of the VIP Center are aimed at achieving the objectives of the program, namely: - Preventing the social exclusion of disadvantaged people.

"VIP Center" will offer a variety of activities aimed at the active participation of people with visual disabilities in society. It does not cover only one or two regions, its main focus is on all people with visual impairments who can use computers and the Internet - about 2,300 visually impaired people in the country. For them, an Internet network for mutual assistance, sharing and getting expert advice will be created under the project. People experiencing a problem will get access to tried and tested experience, information, and response to a specific issue.

The main activities of the project are the following:

Establishment of a network for mutual assistance, information and consultation - on-line forum "Ask the specialist" and conducting a "Keep your eyesight" information campaign;

Conducting an information campaign "The child with visual impairment - how to communicate with him";

Conducting of thematic seminars and conferences with the participation of specialists from the team of Dr. Ernst Muldashev;

Supporting integrated learning for children with impaired vision and cooperation with resource centers and schools;

Supporting the integration of visually impaired adults - Collaboration with Labor Offices and Employers; cooperation with social services

Conducting trainings aimed at increasing the personal potential of people with visual impairments - job mediation, motivation training, language competences, physical culture; work and rhythm therapy; working with families

The project is aimed at visually impaired people from the whole country - representatives of different communities; visually impaired people from Plovdiv and Sofia in need of social integration; visually impaired people from Plovdiv and Sofia, actively looking for a job; integrated students and their families from Plovdiv and Sofia.

The VIP Center project is oriented towards achieving social inclusion of visually impaired people, both in the economically active age, by increasing their opportunities for successful realization in the labor market, as well as towards children and young people trained in an integrated environment. The implementation of the project will take another important step towards reducing discrimination on the grounds of disability of visually impaired people in their integration into society.