Работни моментиOn 21 and 22 September 2022, in Trieste, Italy, the next partner meeting of the EARLY project took place, aimed at developing information materials for early intervention for parents and close family of congenially blind children. During the meeting, the partners - organisations for visually impaired people from five European countries, including NRCB Bulgaria - presented draft versions of brochures in their national languages in the field of early intervention. Good practices were reviewed and project cooperation was established, which will result in new information materials that take into account the specificities of each participating country.



Работни моментиFrom 19 to 21 September 2022 in Trieste, Italy, was held the new meeting of the European Network for Vision Impairment Training Education & Research ENVITER, in which a team of the NRCB participated. Hosted by the Regional Rittmeyer Institute For The Blind, the so-called Blue Sky Meeting was attended by representatives of more than 15 partner organisations for visually impaired people from all over Europe. The meeting was dedicated to presenting ideas from the partners for future projects, grouping them together and forming separate working groups for each project idea with organisations willing to get involved.

Картина на Стамен КарамфиловThe Biennial “The spirit despite, or…” will be opened at 19th August 2022 at the Plovdiv House of culture “Boris Hristov” at 18:00 PM. Among the artists who will exhibit their work will be Stamen Karamfilov – a visually impaired artist-restorer, who lost his eyesight in 2015, which did not prevent him from climbing new art peaks in the contemporary Bulgarian art. More information about his life and artist way One can find at the Our artist menu and more information about the future event -  here.

V. Kertikova-Tapcheva

Плакатът на изложбатаThe National rehabilitation for the blind center presents with great pleasure and excitement the next public initiative of an artist, supported and trained at our organization. This is Keta Petrova – more information about her one can find in the menu Our artists.

This month – from 15th till 30th August 2022 – Keta organizes her newest exhibition of oil paintings, named “The colors of summer”. It is located in Asenovgrad, at the „203.5 F Art Cafe“ in “3 March” Str., where one can get to know her art – paintings, made by fingers.  

We invite all citizens and guests of Asenovgrad to visit the gallery and indulge into the talent and art of visually impaired artists.  

V. Kertikova-Tapcheva

Three month Report on the Financial Performance of the NRCB-Plovdiv and three month report on the activities performed for the period 01.4.2022-30.6.2022

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