Scientists from Georgia have designed a backpack with artificial intelligence for the blind, thanks to which they may no longer need a guide dog or a sighted assistant. The device is equipped with a small computer inside the backpack and with special cameras located in a vest to give a picture of the environment. The system recognizes street signs, traffic lights, obstacles, bicycles, cars, lawns and other objects. The information, along with tips and audio notifications, is converted into speech signals and reaches the blind through a bluetooth headset. The smart backpack works with a battery that allows use for up to 8 hours.

The Bulgarian Red Cross Youth provides a very useful opportunity to all people, willing to be trained in the rules of providing First Aid after accidents or incidents. The courses are online, they are free of charge and they are available for all people. For each successfully passed course you get a Certificate.

You can find the online system here Among the presented topics are such modern topics such as a Course for first aid, Stress managements, Life skills, Hygiene, Healthy way of life and others.

The video shows you how you can register yourself in the system


Veronika Kertikova-Tapcheva

Doctors recommending people learn the "20-20-20" rule to protect their sight, suffering from the increased screen time due to the Covid19 measures. The rule postulates looking at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes you look at a screen.

On 2.2.2021 an NRCB representative took an online part in the first one of the two planned working seminars under the initiative Impact Challenge Central and Eastern Europe. With the slogan “Let’s help bridge the digital divide in Central and Eastern Europe” Google opened call for grant application by civil organizations, business and academic institutions from Central and Eastern Europe. Overall 2 million euros will be allocated in support of projects that place the digital inclusion at the base of the economic recovery.  Organizations from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia may apply for funding. More than 450 participants from the invited countries took part at the working seminar and the second seminar will be held at 23.2.2021.  

Veronika Kertikova-Tapcheva

Three month Report on the Financial Performance of the NRCB-Plovdiv and three month report on the activities performed for the period 01.10.2020-30.12.2020

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