TRAINING UNDER “VIVA” PROJECTA training event under the project “V.I.V.A.” (“Visually Impaired youth with Vested Autonomy – Social Inclusion via Social Entrepreneurship”), co-funded by Erasmus+ , took place on June 15, 2021, at “Jagerhoff” hotel in Plovdiv.

53 participants took part in the event. Most of them were experts working with visually impaired people, representatives of regional organizations, educational institutions, support centers and others.

The NRCB Plovdiv were host of the event. The lecturers who presented the “V.I.V.A.” projects were Alexandrina Kostova, Veronika Kertikova-Tapcheva and Iva Toneva.

Началната страница на програмата на конференциятаThe National conference “Activities of the NRCB’s VIP Center” within the “Expanding the activities of the NRCB’s VIP Center” Project, funded by the European social fund and the OP Development of human resources was held 15-17th June, 2021, in Plovdiv.

This year the Virtual career days will be held on 10th June 2021, from 10:00 till 17:00 PM. Representatives of some of the biggest employers in Bulgaria will participate – Raiffeisenbank, Festo Production, UniCredit Bulbank, VIVACOM, Ingram Micro, Paysafe, TELUS, А1, dm Bulgaria, Easy Credit, ePay, Sutherland Global Services and many others.  Participation is free and one has to register only. When registration is completed, you may take a look at the virtual career stands of all companies, taking part in the career event. On the day of the event, you may choose which employers you shall contact and hold brief job interviews. Once the event is done, the employers, taking into account the interviews and the applicants’ profiles, will decide which candidates will contact for further interviews.  

If any of NRCB members needs assistance in registration and participation in the event, let him/her contact the Job mediation and consultation expert of the Center.

V. Kertikova-Tapcheva

The “National career days 2021” Event took place on 12th May, 2021 at the Plovdiv International Fair. It was organized by JobTiger in partnership with more than 20 companies and business representatives in Bulgaria. Within 6 hours every visitor, who has been registered, was able to visit the stand of the selected company, to be informed about the available job positions and requirements, and to present his/her application.

The NRCB Job mediation expert met the representatives of more than 10 companies – local, national and international, working in Plovdiv and presented the organization and the professional skills of the visually impaired people. Most of the business representatives welcomed open-mindedly and with a warm heart the idea of visually impaired people’s career realization and noted that their only requirement is а secondary school diploma and strong working motivation.

Veronika Kertikova-Tapcheva

The LEGO® Braille Bricks concept is a game-based methodology that teaches Braille to children who are blind or visually impaired.

Each LEGO® Braille Bricks retains its iconic shape, but unlike ordinary LEGO® bricks, the dots are arranged to match numbers and letters in the Braille alphabet. Each brick shows the printed version of the symbol or letter, which allows sighted and blind children to play and learn together on equal terms. This ingenious combination of features opens up a whole new world of playful learning that teaches children Braille in a pleasant and tactile environment.

At Legoland in Melbourne, Australia, for the first time, blind and partially sighted children have the opportunity to meet the new Lego for the blind. The concept was first proposed in 2011 by the Danish Association of the Blind. The bricks have been launched since last year in seven more countries: Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States. The idea is for them to allow children to learn creative Braille while engaging with their classmates in a fun and interactive way.

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