Децата са щастливи!The National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind, together with the three Plovdiv Lions Clubs - Plovdiv-Philippopolis, Plovdiv, Evridika, launched the fifth edition of the campaign "Merry Eyes" in the kindergartens in the city. Within its framework, preventive examinations of the functional vision of children from the preparatory groups of the kindergartens are carried out. The examination takes the form of a game, engaging the child's vision through sound and picture, which is automatically analysed by a special apparatus that checks the cornea of the eyes, registers whether there is evidence of hyperopia and myopia, and compares the pupil sizes of the two eyes. The aim is the prevention of children's vision, and a specially trained specialist notes and interprets the results. Parents of children who are found to have a deviation from visual norms are advised and guided for a follow-up consultation with an ophthalmologist.