Participants from all partner organizations from Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia and Austria took part in the meeting.

The following subjects were discussed during the meeting:

  • Dissemination activities.
  • Revising, editing, and completing the O.M.D.E.R. Manual.
  • Discussing ideas on the new /the last one/ newsletter and its contents.
  • Presenting and discussing the new logo of the project.
  • Discussing the final reports.

The following activities took place during the mobility:

  • Presenting the O&M training at the Instituto Rittmeyer by O&M specialists.
  •  Presenting and demonstrating an innovative white cane technology for navigating in an urban environment, called LETISMART .
  •  Presenting the O&M techniques: All participants had a blindfolded tour around the Sensory Garden at Instituto Rittmeyer, having the chance to experience the environment from the perspective of the blind.
  •  Visiting the center of Trieste and discussing the O&M training specifics and the accessibility of the urban environment
  •  Visiting the Risiera di San Saba Museum and getting familiar with the tactile maps and models, created for the blind and visually impaired.