Участниците в срещатаA Regional conference “The vocational orientation and vocational education for students with special educational needs – a guarantee for quality of life”, organized by the Regional center for support of the inclusive education, Plovdiv, was held on 17th May, 2022 in the building of the Plovdiv Cultural Institute. A lot of official representatives of the state and local authorities took part in the event – Ministry of education and science, the Agency for disabled people, The Commission on education and science at the Parliament, the Union of the Bulgarian teachers, the Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”, schools, regional centers, foundations of people with disabilities, municipal social enterprises, as well as children and young people with disabilities, who shared their personal experience and career path. The job mediator at the NRCB Plovdiv presented a report “The vocational orientation, training and realization of people with visual impairments”, which was greeted with a lot of interest by the audience.  The conference ended with a heated discussion, in which representatives of the Ministry of education and science, the National tourism council, the Chamber of the builders, parents, representatives of the Regional centers, teachers, etc. took part.


В. Кертикова-Тъпчева