About the activity
of the National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind


Article.1. This ordinance regularizes the statute, activity and management of the National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind (NRCB) of the Blind Union of Bulgaria.

    • (1) The National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind further mentioned as the Center is a specialized rehabilitation institution of professional-educative type.
      (2) The Center performs its activity on the territory of the whole country and has the following functions:
      1.Performs general rehabilitation of visually impaired people who have lost their working capacity more than 50%, in boarding-school, semi-boarding-school, ambulatory, home and remote conditions.
      2.Gives methodical and consultative help in the field of general rehabilitation in the whole country.
      3.Makes diagnostic estimation of visually impaired people.
      4.Performs different kind of training and consultations of the relatives of newly blind people.
      5.Prepares and re-qualifies teachers of general rehabilitation for the needs of the Blind Union of Bulgaria, the Ministry of labor and social policy and other organizations and institutions working with visually impaired people.
      6.Trains visually impaired people with multiple disabilities.
      7.Performs professional training and re-qualification of visually impaired people.
      8.Organizes and conducts courses for qualification and re-qualification of unemployed people for subjects validated by the Ministry of labor and social policy, the National Employment Service or the Blind Union of Bulgaria.
      9.Does research and approbation of new methods and approaches for the rehabilitation of visually impaired people.


Article.3. The President (vice-president) of the Blind Union of Bulgaria appoints the head of the Center after coordinating it with the Board of Managers of the Blind Union of Bulgaria.
Article.4. After being proposed by the head of the Center the President, (vice-president) of the Blind Union of Bulgaria specifies the administrative-economic structure and adopts the functionary schedule, the training plans and programs.
Article.5. The head of the Center leads the entire activity and is responsible for it while having the following functions:
1. Appoints and dismisses the people working in the Center and defines the amount of the individual work remunerations in accordance with the laws and the collective work contract within the adopted budget.
2. Manages and is responsible for the regular expenditure of the financial incomes given to the Center.
3. Adopts the interior regulations.
4. Organizes undertakings for increasing the special, pedagogic and the rehabilitation qualification of the team.
Article.6. For the regular passing of the rehabilitation- training process a rehabilitation council is being established – an extra body of the head that consists of the head, teachers and the psychologist.
Artcle.7. The rehabilitation council develops, discusses and makes proposals before the competent bodies about:
1. The training plans and the training programs of the Center
2. Discusses and accepts the individual rehabilitation programs and plans of the clients.
3. The training plans and programs for instruction of the rehabilitation specialists.
4. The weekly schedule of the training classes.
5. The daily and weekly regime.

Article.8. The Center has its own independent bank accounts in levs and currency. Makes quarterly account reports.
Article.9. The funds for financing are being raised by:
1. The funds of the Blind Union of Bulgaria
2. Funds of ДБ
3. Projects and programs
4. Charges of clients
5. Other sources