An open-air tactile project

kartinka1The Center for Visual and Multisensory Art in Plovdiv will present an open-air tactile project called “THE HIDDEN MONUMENTS – THE UNWITNESSED BODIES OF THE CITY” on October 12, in the garden behind the Natural History Museum /across the South region power distributor/.

8 young artists from 3 leading higher education institutions in the state – The Academy of Musical, Dance and Visual Arts in Plovdiv, The National Academy of Art in Sofia and The Faculty of Visual Arts in Veliko Tarnovo, together with famous artists – professor doc. Peter Canev and assistant professor Krasimir Dobrev, will present 12 tactile artworks, designed to be perceived by the sense of touch. The project focuses on the tactility as an artistic mean of expression. An avant-garde sculptural kartinka2installation, based on the Braille alphabet will be presented, and 12 messages by Mother Teresa will be written on it, but not by relief, but by à jour technique. A multisensory installation, based on aroma and synthesized DHA sound – the first one in Bulgaria, will also be presented. The artworks are designed for sighted and visually impaired people. The audience will have the opportunity to participate and experience the artworks together with the authors. Assistants, together with the artists, will help the visually impaired and the sighted visitors and participators with the tactile installation.