A visit by colleagues from the French institute for rehabilitation of visually and hearing disabled people Monteclair.

From 12 till 19 May five colleagues from the Monteclair Institute for visually and hearing disabled people, Angers, France, visited the NRCB. They were here as a second visiting group in the frameworks of a project of exchange of experience among specialists, working in the field of training and rehabilitation of visually impaired people. Their schedule included a visit to the Kindergarten for deaf children in Plovdiv, a visit to the exhibition of the production of enterprises of disabled people at the Plovdiv International Fair, a visit to the School for guide-dogs for visually impaired in Sofia, visit to the Day-time rehabilitation Center in the town of Sliven and the Regional organization of the Union of the blind in Bulgaria in the same town, a visit to the Social vocational training center in Plovdiv.


Main part of the program was a visit and look-round the building, cabinets and material base of the NRCB, the work meeting on the issues of the curricula on basic rehabilitation, the curricula on vocational training, the technical assisting aids, work with the families and integrated students, the products and results of the international projects of both organizations. The colleagues from Monteclair presented also their curricula on mobility and orientation, technical devices, providing accessibility of environment as well as their organizational product – a specialized software for diagnostic and rehabilitation of residual eye-sight.