STEP-IVI Partners’ meeting

СнимкаThe second partner’s meeting under the STEP-IVI project, in which NRBC takes part, was held in Plovdiv on March 11 until March 14. It was attended by representatives of all organizations under the project, and the participators worked under a previously coordinated work programme.

Many technical issues, related to the project, were discussed. These include reports, distribution of information on the project, the contents of the project’s brochure. The participators were made familiar with the platform for learning management system /LMS/, its essential components and work space and also with the way of communication among the participators within it.

Most of the discussions were about distributing the work modules among the partner organizations. The boundaries within which each module should be started and finished were fixed; it was decided how to avoid the doubling of theoretical material; an example of a module, worked out by one of the organizations, was studied.

The meeting was closed with a decision about the time and place of a next meeting under the project, and also about the establishment a regular Skype-conference, where the participators will discuss current questions.