NRBC starts the admission of candidates for vocational training for 2013

The National Rehabilitation for the Blind Centre in Plovdiv announces that in 28th and 29th May there will be conducted interviews with visually impaired people, willing to be vocationally trained for masseurs at the NRCB in 2013. The training is being performed within the bounds of the curiculum officially approved by the National Agency of Vocational Education and Training (NAVET), and includes the corresponding number of classes and subjects. The visually impaired candidates have to be graduated 8th grade. The candidates have to present the doctors’ document for degree of disability, a copy of the educational degree and a document from the general physician. We invite everyone who is interested in the matter to contact the NRBC office or the Regional organization of UBB which they are members of, for further information.

Last update: on 10.05.2013