Interviews for admission to the visually impaired persons wishing to professional courses

From 2nd till 10th June, 2011, the NRCB organizes entry interviews for admitting the visually impaired candidates to the vocational courses in Massage and Office-secretary for 2011.

It is expected that about 30 candidates from the whole country show up at the preliminary interviews. Each one of them will express its wish to participate in a certain course and then will be interviewed by the different professionals, working at the Center. His mobile and tactile skills will be evaluated, as well as his independence, motivation for learning the profession, education, other vocational courses and physical and health condition.


The results, evaluated by each NRCB expert, will be placed into a specially designed form and they get a different number of points. The sum of the points determines the results for the candidates. The two vocational courses start in June, this year.