Social enterprise Labor office for visually impaired people

In January, 2010, the Association “Center for support of the social integration – priorities” with the partnership of Rehabilitation for the Blind Foundation started the realization of a project “Establishing a social enterprise Labor office for visually impaired people”. The project is funded by the Operative program Human resources development, co-funded by the EU through the European Social Fund. 

Обсъждане по проекта

The project will be realized in Sofia and Plovdiv.

Its main purpose Is to alleviate the access of visually impaired people to the free labor market. During the process of realization of the project different activities will be carried out, which should cover the whole cycle of presenting a wish to get a job to the acquiring the suitable for the candidate job position. 

After being registered at the Labor office, the work candidates from the target group will be assisted by special psychologists, who will help them determine in a more precise way the strength and direction of their motivation, get together their wishes and abilities and receive an additional correctional and pre-realizational training. They will be prepared for taking part in interviews and meetings with potential employers. Depending on their individual level of preparation and the requirements of their desired job, they will be able to get an additional training in computer operating, Braille, mobility, every day skill, etc. 

The specialists from the Labor office for visually impaired people will look for the suitable job positions and will work personally with employers in order to convince them to hire visually impaired people. After that they will organize meeting among the job candidates and their potential employers. When the specific candidate passes successfully through this stage and gets hired, the specialists from the Labor office will continue to support him in the process of adaptation to the new work place. They will monitor for the presence of misunderstandings or conflicts between the visually impaired person and his colleagues at the new working place.