17 April 2009

Обучение по начална компютърна грамотност за зрително затруднени

    On 17 April the first course for initial computer literacy for 2009 ended.

   The course for initial computer literacy lasted for 3 weeks. People with no vision at all, as well as people with residual vision took part in it. The first group was trained for work with screen reader, and for the second group the use of a personal computer with an effective use of the residual sight was trained.
    The general skills, acquired after finishing the course were:

  1. System and principles of operating of the personal computer – software and hardware.  

  2. Skills for work with operational software - Microsoft Windows

  3. Mastering the possibilities of the screen reader JAWS for Windows in combination with the program Speech Lab.

  4. Use of integrated and additional software for magnifying the images on the computer screen.  

  5. Introduction to the text processing.

  6. Principles and ways of work with e-mail.  

  7. Work in Internet and browsers.

  8. Programs for exchange of information in real time - Skype.

  9. Burning of CDs and DVDs.

    The next course in initial computer literacy or visually impaired at the NRCB will start in May.