A new acquisition for the NRBC and for all visually impaired in the country

09 June 2009

 On 09.06.2009 the National rehabilitation for the blind center in Plovdiv obtained a new and extremely necessary equipment – a big Braille printer Braille Embosser 4Waves Pro and the needed consumables at the total value of approximately 20 000 Euro – a significant acquisition not only for the needs of the Center as a resource center for printing Braille materials for visually impaired who got their training here, but for the Day-time rehabilitation centers on the territory of the whole country as well.  

Брайлов принтер

     Besides the value of the printer itself and the expenses for its delivery, the Dutch partner Force Foundation finances the training of a technician who will operate this equipment. He will go on three-day training in Sweden at the end of August and the expenses for his travel and accommodation will be paid by Force.

The new equipment will provide the opportunity for the National center in Plovdiv to expand vastly its activity in the field of the Braille materials. For the next three years we envisage printing a Braille primer for children and another one for adults, different text books, materials from scientific-practical conferences and magazines for the needs of thousands visually impaired children and adults from the whole country