1. Psychological consulting, help and support
  2. Law consulting
  3. Social consulting
  4. Health consulting

Psychological consulting, help and support

Психологическо консултиране, помощ и подкрепаThis activity consists in individual work with clients and aims to overcome the negative consequences of sensor and physical deficits (stress, self alienation, shame, anger, aggression, protecting or disarraying attitude). The diagnostic process in social work is based on answering questions like: what the individual character of each client is like; what their current problems are; what kind of coping strategies and capabilities they have; what can motivate them to cope with the situation successfully. Support includes:

  • Conversations, talks, testing;

  • Consultations and trainings in behavior modeling;

  • Training in positive motivation for coping with problems, assertive will, overcoming fear of limitations and failure.

  • Forming a realistic self esteem and expectations, coping with complexes.

  • Stimulating each client’s spiritual development and right to live with one’s own values.

  • Initiative and responsibility development

  • Support for overcoming marginalization by stimulation of contacts and communication with people in the community

Law consulting

It is addressed to visually impaired people and their families. This activity aims forming a positive attitude to civil society; informing the clients on law casus that concern them and on the order and conditions of their execution. The purpose of consulting is access to information on the rights of disabled people in order to support their social integration. The clients become familiar with the legislation which concerns people with disabilities.

Social consulting

Social work is related to the interaction between the clients and social workers. Social consulting includes:

Finding out the difficulties, problems in clients’ life and facilitating their attitude to them. Assessing each person’s resources, potentials, preferences, attitudes, limitations, responsibilities; and taking the right steps to work on them. Discussing problems like: “Social problems due to the disability”, “Concealed discrimination”, “The disabled person and the others”.

This activity is very significant for overcoming social isolation of disabled people. It helps to enhance motivation for coping with social isolation, to form citizen culture and active behavior, to acquire skills for equal access to public services, and to execute legal rights, alleviations and preferences. Clients get information on the fields of labor examination, pension insurance, social assistance, documents, required for receiving relief funds, health care and others.

Health consulting

This activity includes:

  • Consulting clients about a healthy way of life, depending on the level of their disabilities.

  • Giving up information of present interest on medications and hospital pathways, entirely or partly paid by the National Health Insurance Fund.